directed by Kristin J Heckler
written in collaboration with
Jacob-Sebastian Phillips, Sarah Raimondi & Pauline Sherrow

A Duke freshman is nationally shamed for her unlikely student loan replacement: pornography. Exposed is the story of a girl who skyrockets to internet stardom and public ridicule after she boldly redefines what it means to “come of age.” But are the consequences worth it?

Sarah Raimondi as Lauren/Ariel Cox
Jacob-Sebastian Phillips as Dad, Jamie, Porn Star, Duke Student, Talk Show Host, etc
Pauline Sherrow as Mom, Autumn, Porn Star, Duke Student, Talk Show Host etc

This piece was originally conceived and performed at the New School for Drama April 30, 2015. The second, expanded production took place at Shetler Studios September 9-12, 2015. Most recently, Exposed is showed at The Producer's Club Feb 2-18th. The text is created from improvisations generated by the entire team, then compiled into a script by Kristin Heckler. The text of some scenes use exact text from interviews, articles and online posts from the original incident. The productions are directed by Kristin and performed by Sarah, Jacob and Pauline. 

"This play is an excellently crafted exploration of sexuality, gender and pornography...This production does one of the most difficult things in any storytelling endeavor, it builds a dialogue with its audience with an honest but not all knowing script which doesn’t shy away from the uncomfortable or contradictory. It challenges and takes care of the audience. "
-Claudia Terry, Hi Drama
"'Exposed' manages to empathize with Weeks’ experiences while still highlighting the concerns and issues regarding feminism and pornography. The play does not treat the consequences of porn stardom lightly, but does challenge viewers to see it a new light. Overall, the play is an effective way to promote discussions about misogyny, sexual discrimination and the rights of sex workers."
-Annaluz Cabrera, Washington Square News

We are currently fundraising for the next production of Exposed. If you have any interest in producing a production of Exposed, please contact