Press for Paraphilia: Everyone Has A Sexual Disorder

Theatre is Easy

"BOTTOM LINE: Strong acting, compelling characters, an inventive script, and polished staging make this play a must see for FringeNYC-goers."

"Part of the success of this Paraphilia is how streamlined it feels..."

"...the show is well cast, with each actor fully embodying their characters..."

"I hope this production of Paraphilia appears in NYC again after the Fringe Festival."

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NY Theatre Now

"If no one’s sexual preferences are “normal”, then everyone is a deviant; what a relief."

"Bravo to the brave cast who convincingly show us these private confessions.  Congratulations to the talented playwright and director—who are also the show’s co-producers—for reminding us to be nice.   Many of us may know stories ofpeople who were misunderstood, and deserved better."

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